Though I work across media, my expertise is based in the art of writing. My work has been featured in magazines, collections, and books (which I’ve both authored and edited). I write across genres and across mediums, and I’ve even received awards for some of my work.


non-fiction humour

A cult phenomenon among those who work in graphic, print and web design, Clients From Hell brings readers to tears with unbelievable and always hilarious anecdotes from those on the frontlines of the freelancing industry.

Featuring new material and an unmasked editor, Clients From Hell 2 combines the collective wisdom and woe of thousands of creative professionals and distils the entire experience into one eloquent e-book.


non-fiction humour

Inspired by my work in marketing, Photoshop Disasters investigates the industry from the eighteenth century on. Here, you’ll learn all about the origins of photo doctoring, a humorous look at some of the most egregious missteps companies have managed, and an interview with renowned Photoshop masters.

This book is no longer available via traditional channels, but a special PDF version is available upon request.


non-fiction business

The book offers information and insight on the freelancing industry, as well as aggregating tips, tools, and top stories from the past year. Interviews with industry experts are also included, with each sharing their unique philosophies and survival tactics in their respective industries.

Regardless of your field or level of experience, you’ll likely find something of value inside.


original sitcom series

High school is a tough time; there are hormones, hair in confusing places, and almost everyone wishes they were someone else.

Jacob’s had it as bad as anyone. Socially awkward and introverted, he’s always lived in the shadow of his identical twin brother, Red. If it were possible for an identical twin to be taller, Red would be – able to grow a moustache that puts most any other 17-year-old boy to shame and already being scouted as the star kicker of the Bow High Trojans, Red’s had the whole world fall into his lap. Nothing could stop his rising star, save the Ford Taurus that ploughed into him as Jacob stared dumbfounded.

Almost everyone in high school wishes they were someone else. Jacob Jaffe saw that opportunity when he stole his twin brother’s identity.


non-fiction collection

A non-fiction collection on the topic of modern love.

Via the editor, David Leach:

“Like many readers of the New York Times, my favourite column in the fat Sunday edition is the Style section’s “Modern Love” essay. Some week’s offerings are better than others, but I’m always fascinated to read the different authors’ unique mix of storytelling and reflection on the fraught subject of relationships in the 21st century. The Times also runs a contest for college students to submit an essay, and then publishes the top stories. After reading the winners, I am often left with the thought: “Hmph, my students could do better than that!” The contest, alas, is open only to Americans.”